The Intelligent Technology To Control Physical Stress And Beyond


Inductive Stimulation & Laser Photons

Techniques to stimulate neurons in the spinal cord with electrodes are possible when managing chronic pain. They make it possible to limit the use of drugs, and often relieve pain resistant to any treatment



The ability of a transient magnetic field to induce an electrical current within body tissue permits the clinician to influence functions of the neuromuscular system and to affect sensory neurons in the brain. It is able to reach deep neural structures such as the motor cortex and spinal nerve roots, non-invasively and without pain.

At the cellular level there are photoreceptors that,
when stimulated by deep penetrating photons and
magnetic waves, combined with oxygen, will activate a
biochemical cascade of events resulting in increased
DNA/RNA synthesis, increased cAMP levels, protein
and collagen synthesis and cellular proliferation.

besides pain relief, – better sleep & less physical stress

Activation of cellular memory


MOMENTUM enables the repolarization of the
cellular membranes (with detoxifying effects).

The vibration induced by the Electromagnetic
Field Waves on inactive muscular fibers,
produces, through apiezoelectric effect,
an electromagnetic voltage.

This voltage is forwarded through fibers to
the brain, which tends to restore the natural
shape of the interested part of the body,
then cellular memory is restored.