Different CELLULAR ENERGIZER Dual Effect Energy transfer to selected area – 20 % more energy Faster healing time – Injury prevention

The target of depth and the simplicity of the solution

MOMENTUM is the only device that, thanks to its highly energetic electromagnetic and laser pulses, permitsto treat deep-seated injuries in full safety, unlike general electric stimulation that stimulates the surface.

MOMENTUM can non-invasively stimulate the target area 1.5 to 10 cm deep, penetrate bones,by applying strong focused electromagnetic field combined with laser therapy.

Short and efficient pulses for bone or cartilage fractures, muscle and tendon recovery, hence accelerating the elimination of lactic acid, and increase blood flow to the injured area, with a better tissue oxygenation.

Non-invasive and painless method of exciting or inhibiting nerve response- no physical contact. with relaxing effects on muscles.

Get Your Team Back Into The Game

It is therefore important to understand that a magnetic field is simply the means by which an electrical current is generated within the tissue, and that it is the electrical current, and not the magnetic field, which causes the depolarization of the cell membrane and thus the stimulation of the target muscle/nerve.