solutions for pain issues, what to do to calm the pain?


In some people, these pains have a major impact on their lives. Anxiety, depression and the fear of moving can settle and aggravate back pain. To break this negative spiral, we offer multidisciplinary care with therapies adapted to your needs.


Most patients have already received medication, including opioids, which must be continually increased. “The goal is to find something else and reduce the medication


There are other ways that analgesics, and antidepressants but there is especially a whole series of non-drug approaches. Techniques like Radio Frequency, Ultra Sound Cryotherapy. Electrical stimulation, laser, vacuum, non-invasive has shown its effectiveness; it is without risk or major side effect


Other posibility New exclusive therapy:


The high-intensity  electromagnetic field, wireless no-contact

RF Radio Frequency multi polar US Ultrasound cavitation Laser

Therapeutic effects include, back pain relief, fracture healing,  tendinitis, and joint mobilizations , mental and physical stress

“masage magnetique”   – cellular energizer

Pulsed electro-magnetic stimulation devices on the skin electrically stimulate a nerve, nerve root or spinal cord. The advantage? These treatments do not cause drowsiness or addiction. “Incredible” results have been observed in the treatment of pain.