We specialize in non-invasive treatment of pain

Introducing Wireless No Contact Pulsed Electro-magnetic Masage for Pain Relief

As an alternative to long-term prescribing of drugs, we advocate  multi modal approach for chronic pain , which combines super “conductive stim” devices , physical, psychological, and educational interventions.

Health issues involving wear and tear, the joints, back and neck, muscles, or bone are the most frequently reported causes of chronic pain

How Chronic Stress Produces Pain & Common Sources of Work Related Pain

It make sense that if nondrug treatments are good at managing pain, their effect would go beyond only pain relief, such as increased stamina, stress relieve, early recovery.

Multi task approach for Pain Management 

Thanks to a unique and inovative technology : the power of the laser associated with electromagnetic waves . The energy generated is transported to the heart of the nerve cell, and is more effective than manual therapy.

A pleasant, non-invasive treatment without any side effects.

Superior efficiency thanks to the combination of electromagnetic stimulation, radiofrequency, laser, ultrasound, negative pressure in the treatment of chronic and acute pain.